Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blooming Roses

I have been wanting to show off my roses for a few weeks now. And they have been blooming like crazy recently with all the rain we have been getting.

As many of you know, I have 23 rose bushes in my front yard. I have grown up watching my mother and grandmothers raising, at times, award winning bushes. I have wanted mine to be just as amazing, but oh my gosh, they are a lot of hard work and upkeep. I don't have any that are the same and each one has a very different smell; in fact some don't even have a smell at all.

CD and AN love to play out in the yard and collect handfuls of petals. (I think they remember Grady McCoy last Memorial weekend collecting petals and how fun it was to pull them off the flower)

My mom emailed me a story of while she was walking to her office in Western Australia, she stopped to smell some roses that reminded her of my yard. I wanted to share my roses with her. I just wish there was a way to attach the wonderful smells.

In the morning sunshine, as the boys walk off to school, my roses full of bloom are amazing. I am far from award winning, but still they are amazing. I think of my mother every time I seem them.

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Carol said...

The roses are beautiful and I can almost smell ... clear across the Pacific Ocean and all of Australia. Looks like you must be adding banana peels in the ground; really worked for me when we lived in Victorville. Keep up the good work.
BTW, do you remember how to "pop: petals in your fist? Your kids might like learning to do this.
LoL (lots of LOVE), Grandma C.